The best time for an orthodontic treatment is in the teenage years: their bodies grow, their bones are still formable, and it is relatively easy to reposition teeth. In principle, it is recommended to start a treatment by the time most of the permanent teeth have erupted. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Malocclusions and, most importantly, jaw deformity are best treated before adolescent growth reaches its peak. Treatment is often carried out holistically in cooperation with ENT specialists, speech therapists, physiotherapists and other specialists.

Dental Appliances for Teens

Removable Appliances

Fixed Appliances

  • Metal brackets
  • Ceramic brackets
  • Self-ligating brackets

Invisible Appliances

  • Invisalign® Teen

We offer individually designed metal brackets for teenager orthodontic treatment
Metal brackets with coloured ligatures
We offer individual appliances to suit your teenager's orthodontic situation
Combination of self-ligating brackets (above) and metal brackets (below)
Absolutely decent: Invisalign® Teen
Absolutely decent: Invisalign® Teen