Step by Step

1. Getting to Know each Other

A first step of a treatment is a comprehensive consultation and examination, assessing whether an orthodontic treatment is necessary from a medical point of view. Both statutory and private health insurance equally bear the costs for this first examination and consultation. Just call us to make an appointment!

2. Documenting the initial Situation

After getting to know each other and having decided that a treatment is medically necessary, photographs, dental impressions and x-rays will be taken, allowing careful measurements and a diagnosis.

3. Treatment plan

Based on the diagnosis and your individual requirements, a treatment plan is prepared, which will then be checked by the health insurance company for possible reimbursement of costs. Don’t worry! Before starting a time-consuming and cost-intensive treatment, together we will clarify your needs and possible alternatives to find the best solution for you or your child.

Up to the age of 18, both statutory and private health insurances cover all costs for a medically necessary orthodontic treatment. Once your health insurance has approved the treatment plan, treatment can begin.

4. Treatment

Depending on the appliances used and the age of the patient, treatment can take from six months (early treatment) up to two and a half years (usual treatment), in some cases even longer.

The duration of each treatment is individual and depends very much on the patient's cooperation, dental hygiene and a regular attendance to check-ups every six weeks. An orthodontic treatment is real teamwork between the orthodontist and the patient.

5. STabilization (RetenTion)

The treatment is completed with the stabilization phase (retention), during which it will be surveyed whether the results of a successful treatment are retained. In the first year, controls are carried out every three months, every six months in the second year and annually thereafter. This phase is just as important as the treatment itself in order to stabilize the results achieved.

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